Hello, Doug

It was a real plessure for me to meet You in Belfast.

We have an Association of Ecological Motoristis in Finland for vehicles using renewable energy sourses in trafic. Beeing chairman of the club, it was very interesting to have a litle bit larger view of the gasification technology
programs. We are about one hundred members and the members have about a dozen of vehicles which are energized using gasification technology. Modifications of down draft cocurrent gasifiers are used. None is using the other technologies in trafic to utilize non fossile energy sources.

As you know, mobile gasifyers were very common in continental Europe during the war time 1940 - 1945. In Finland and Sweden, mainly woodbased fuels were used. Since 1995, I have driven over 40 000 km on peat based fuel. Wood would do just as well, but it is not commercially available at appropriate form.

As I do work to promote gasification aplications for trafic, I do send You some information concerning the mobile gasification technology.

The GMC truck belongs to Urho Kari, the Ford truck to Osmo Ylikarkela and the white Buick is mine, all in Finland.

All the information enclosed is public. Please, You may deliver it further to anyone who asks or is interested.

Truly Yours,