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Californian Char Maker
Californian Biochar Maker and Shasta Gasifier
Californian Shasta 2 Gasifier and Boiler
Fluidyne Archive Guillotine
Californian Shasta Class 2
Waste Reduction Carbons
California Linear One
Chars and graphite soot
Californian Andes Class
Coppice Willow in Northern Ireland
Ulster University Training
Californian Mk 8/9 Andes Class Gasifier
Thompson Timber Presentation
Important Visitor To New Zealand
Californian Mk6 Andes Class Gasifier
Smallest Gasifier made at Fluidyne
Californian Mk 5 Andes Class Gasifier - August 2009
Californian Andes Class Gasifier
Modern Charcoal Manufacturing with Gasification
Tasman Mk3 Update
Soot Formation
Laimet Screw Auger Chipper
Magnetically Attracted Carbon Particles
MicroLab Gasifier
Chile Gasification Testing
Mega Class Emissions Testing
New Engine Tables
Gasification comes to Chile
Australian Kent Charcoal Gasifier
Tasman Class Gasifier
Fluidyne in California
Producer Gas Flares
MDF Gasification
Power Generation In The Hills
Agricultural Waste
Mega Class Project August 2005 Update
Gasifier Cleanout Waste
Mega Class Mk2 update December 2004
The 'German Reports'
Mega Class Mk2 update June July 2004
Australian WW2 Gasifier
Mega Class Mk 2
Pacific Class No 15
Micro Class Gasifier
Death of a habitat
Wood Chip bunker Drier
Cheap working Gasifier
Simple Chip Guillotine
Screw Auger Chippers
Anniversary Gasifier project
Project Design file (PDF 516kb)
New Mega Class Project
How gas is made
Pacific Class flow
Pacific Class line

Open Core Ferrocement diagram

Pacific Class (PDF format)
Engine Tables
Producer Gas Engine Oil and Soot
Carbon Black
World War II Gasifiers
Pacific Class
Wood to Char
Another day in paradise
Coppice Willow
Other Stuff
Letter from Vesa
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