Mega Class Emission Report

Since we began this project in Winnipeg, Canada, to scale up the traditional way of making a tar free gas for engine applications, we have tried to keep the wider public informed on progress.

Unfortunately, it has been necessary to enforce an embargo on releasing information about the development programme, due to it being presented by others as their own work. The critical technology is not always the most obvious, the gasifier design, or the fuel that it converts into gas.

During my visit to Winnipeg in July, 2006, emission testing was able to commence in a very controlled manner. For the first time, the whole gasifier system and the gas it conditioned, was put to the test, and we are pleased to share the results. These are "Certified Results", and achieved with a system that has no filtration system of any description, but is cooled to nearly ambient temperatures before controlled combustion in the testing facility.

This is encouraging, and I can reveal that the 2008 programme should improve these results. The next phase is to extend the traditional gas making capability, but using lower value woody waste, that are normally excluded for high performance gas making.

For the many waiting for these Mega Class reports, I thank you for your interest, and patience. We have only one chance to do this right, and it's better to work in our facility, than learn on the job at your expense. If in your search for gasifiers, you are given emission reports to support the supplier, you would be well advised to check with the source who conducted the tests. This prevents fraudulent documentation being presented, and reduces your risk to project failure.

Doug Williams.
February 2008

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