Fluidyne Gasification Archive

Smallest Gasifier Made at Fluidyne

In response to a question posted to the Gasification List regarding the smallest throat used in a gasifier, the smallest recorded was a WW2 Imbert at 2.3", I have dug out this 1985 project that I built with a 1" throat. For practical purposes if in serious need, 2.3" works very well, and this is the size of the MicroLab gasifier shown earlier on this Archive.
This gasifier was to have been a working model, and the gas making was only tested once to ensure it made gas, before all the effort went into the gas cooling/cleaning system. At the time it was built, our knowledge of tunability, and behaviour of the charcoal evolution in relation to fuel size was minimal, so it cannot be claimed that this particular gasifier could have made a tar free gas. With another 24 years experience to assess this design, the gas it made was probably mainly pyrolysis gas full of tar, but it could now be designed correctly in hind sight.
As a model gasifier, I would put it into the same category as miniature steam engines which everyone would like to own, but never afford to purchase.

September 2009
Fuel hopper and gas making hearth.

Cooling cleaning assembly. Very over done with 3 sets of paired cyclones, 3 first stage char separators, and condenser/gas cooler.

Sawdust filter with one screen lifted. 12V Fan assembly removed from end of gas cooler.