Fluidyne Gasification Archive

Magnetically Attracted Carbon Particles

Discovered while conducting packed charcoal bed analysis of an Andes Class gasifier, some of the fine carbon dust located in the oxidation zone of the gas making process, were found to be attracted to a magnet. While unusual to see carbon sticking to a magnet, a number of explanations have been offered, with the most likely one, that trace elements such as iron migrate with the pyrolysis gases, and carbonize in the oxidation zone.

This is only a simple explanation, the truth is probably a little more complex. The photos tell their own story, and I can only apologise for my poor photography.

September 2008.

With the back ground dust separated, the remaining particles join to form a miniature vertical carbon forest.
This shows the tiny blister like reflective nodules, which suggests this carbon is carbonized tar from the pyrolisis gases.
With the naked eye, these carbon trees looked like Pine, or Fir trees.
Very difficult to get the 3D effect.
A side view through the container, shows the carbon trees standing.

A couple of rogue trees grow away from the main bunch!
Fuzzy, but just to show another view.
The magnet set below the contained sample extracted from the mass in the back ground. Only a tiny proportion of the char sampled had this magnetic attraction.