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New Mk3 Tasman Class Gasifier

Since Fluidynes Australian Licensee, "Gasification Australia" began developing their Tasman Class gasifier in July 2006, the basic design has been assembled in three separate configurations to evaluate the options each design has to offer. In this design, the filter assembly has been moved to the end where the incoming colder air is drawn over the filter casing, and a manual fuel agitator assembly added to facilitate easier fuel testing.
Supplied in late February 2009 to a Queensland company, the system included a Prakash 15 kWe gas engine generator set, which is the first of it's type imported from India into Australia. This small engine has been specifically built for producer gas, and we are informed it is in wide use throughout India.
The system was assembled and tested on site by Dr John Sanderson of Gasification Australia, gasifierjohn@gmail.com    who also conducted the on site training programme to ensure correct operation. It was then put to work on it's first trials using Peach stones, or pits as they are know in some countries.
As a note of interest, the devastating bushfires that swept through Victoria early this year, also burnt down their demonstration/storage facility containing the Mk1 Tasman Class gasifier. Everything on site was incinerated, but the gasifier and engine only suffered wiring damage and is back in service again. While a lot of trees were damaged, these are now regenerating,  and there is lots of charcoal on the property available for the work of just collecting and bagging, that will be used in later projects.
April, 2009.

Tasman Class gasifier shown here with side panels removed before painting.
First firing test flare without final filtration to establish correct gasification parameters of hardwood fuel.
With corrected gas making parameters now in place, the final filtered gas only shows trace carbon blacks carried with uncondensed gas moisture.This is usually removed by the gas/air mixer before it goes into the engine.
This Prakash 15 kWe gas engine generator made in India, has been supplied with this new gasifier to a company in Queensland, Australia,and used for the promotion of energy from waste biomass. As a portable system, flexible gas piping is used for convenience.

The inside of the steel building shows the intense heat of the firestorm.
This is the dirt road leading into the remote demonstration site of Gasification Australia after the bush fires.
This was the same track a short time before the fires.